Custom Order: YARIN

Custom Order: YARIN

Chained & Stoned
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This will contain the following:
- Item Spec’s.
- Build Time.
- After Care: Black steel, Zinc coated steel, Stainless Steel & Scales.

For a custom fit I will need these measurements from you:
Flexed measurement:
- Neck Circumference
- Shoulder Width
- Bicep Circumference, where the arm chain will sit.
- Neck to Shoulder - Distance from the base of the neck to the top of the shoulder, right where the shoulder starts to curve away.

If you have any issues taking these measurements please don't hesitate to ask!

★Item Specs:
Thick stainless steel rings are used to connect the scales. Aluminium scales as default unless you specifically request different. Thick veg tanned leather straps and stainless steel buckles are used. This armour is lead free, nickel free & cadmium free.

★Build Time:
The one you see in the picture is a reference; in six to eight weeks, your own piece will be made to your specifications and be on its way to you!

★After Care:
- Black steel chainmail: You will need to oil it to prevent rust. Before each use the mail should be degreased and, as soon as possible after each use, dry it thoroughly, inside and out, and recoat with a rust preventing spray. Inspect the mail for signs of rust regularly and, if any is found, remove it – it will spread very quickly unless stopped.

- Here is what I recommend: Ballistol 82171 H1 Food Oil, Spray. You can find this on amazon.

- Zink coated Steel: Treat the same as Balck Steel. For this armour, preventive maintenance is again the key - keeping the rust away is easier than removing it. Iron oxide is formed when iron and oxygen react in the presence of water or moisture in the air. Iron oxide is very common, because iron reacts easily with oxygen in the air. ... Rust occurs when iron or its alloys, such as steel, corrode.

-In individual cases: after wearing some skin discoloration can occur. This is harmless and occurs as a result of the acidity of the skin, but Its VERY IMPORTANT to know that this does contribute to oxidation (Rust).

- Stainless steel requires little to no maintenance but is Silver and Shiny.

- Scales: Hand-wash with hot soapy water and a cloth then dry thoroughly.

★★ - Note that I ship everything with a tracking number, unless otherwise requested by the buyer. If you've requested an item without a tracking number, I will need a written confirmation that you have agreed to waive tracking on the package and that you understand the potential risks of doing so.