I gladly take custom orders, however, the cost and time that goes into these pieces is high so I am limited on how many I can undertake at any one time. Sometimes ordering in materials for a custom order can take several weeks to arrive. If time is an important factor then you can opt for a 'rush order' that incurs a 20% surcharge of the orders total value. In turn this means I can pay the premiums to rush the delivery of your materials and cover the cost of overtime that I will incur. Once final payment and cost of postage is covered I will then ship the order to you. If vital components to a design are not available for whatever reason, I will contact you immediately to discuss options.


In general we are a small company making items by hand. We make what we can in batches in order to speed up the build times associated with large or complex designs. This makes us look like we have off the rail stock but this is not the case. Any item over the price of £50 is made to order.

We have a limited number of physical stock for low labor designs priced under £50.

There is a category for made to order designs but this is for specific designs that require customers measurements. Some listings may have a large variation pool attached to them, as a result this makes having the physical stock available for immediate shipping rather tricky.  An example of this would be anything that uses Cubic Zirconia or Crystal stones. The colour options for Crystals are vast and we will only have the most popular colours at hand for immediate shipping. This means if we do not have the stones or specific variation components in stock we will order them in for you, If this is the case your order will experience slower processing times. - If an order is canceled it will be at cost of the total item price. 


Some listings are categorized as "made to order" when you see this its because the design requires a lot of labour to create, or demands specific measurements or customization input on behalf of the customer. Any listing fall into that category will state so in their title or description. Please note that these orders are classed as a bespoke piece made specifically for you. These pieces are non-refundable or returnable as they are non re-sellable.

All "made to order" designs take a certain amount of time to build, most designs take 2-3 weeks but the larger the item the more labour it requires so it could be more like 4-6. I personally make every design by hand; ring by ring, scale by scale, stone by stone ect... Sometimes attaching and/or dismantling pre built components in order to make something new.  Each listing will have an estimated time frame linked to them. - If  you are ordering with us and need your items by a fixed deadline then please keep this in mind when placing your order or fulfilling partial payments.


What does a rush order mean? It means that I work longer hours per day to speed up the time it takes to complete the project. It means I pay the premiums on having materials shipped faster. It means I pay for an extra pair of hands to work alongside me to ensure your project gets completed in a timely manner.  

All rush orders incur a 20% surcharge of the orders total value. This is non negotiable. However If your request for a rush order is unrealistic then I might have to request a higher percentage as a surcharge or decline your project all together. 


For custom orders I take a minimum of 50% upfront. If the order is big and requires a large number of man hours or your order requires special materials to be ordered, then I will require a higher percentage to be paid upfront. 

I do accept partial payments for items above a certain price. You will receive the items once final payment and cost of postage has been made and not before.

-All payments are final and non-refundable, so please make sure you bear this in mind when placing an order. 


If for whatever reason you choose to cancel or terminate an order that falls into the  "made to order" category then you forfeit all payments made towards that order up until that point. This is non negotiable. 


The short answer is yes! I often get asked by performers and other creatives if I rent out items. I am aware that many of you looking to rent have a limited budget and renting is easier than purchasing outright. I have tried to be as fair as possible but the fact is the production cost and time that goes into these pieces is high, so I cannot rent these out without having the full value of the item covered. This is non negotiable regardless of who you are, who you represent or the scale project itself. - "Exposure" is not a form of payment or insurance.

A contract between us both that outlines the agreed time frame for renting, the rental charge itself and the conditions attached to returning the items.  

With all this in mind head over to the contact page and leave me a message with your details and enquiry. - I will reply as soon as I can.