Care Instructions

Please be aware that some designs may contain metals with specific aftercare requirements, you can find them in the list below: 


Stainless Steel:
This requires minimal aftercare however constant exposure to sweat and harsh environments can take its toll and dull the polished look of stainless steel. If sections feel dirty or smell then clean the section with a towel dampened in hot water, then dry after. You my find the polish of the stainless steel dulling after many uses. If this happens to you then you can re-polish them to get their shine back. 

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Electroplated Or Vacuum Plated Stainless steel:

Allows the use of gold, rose gold and black and adds an extra layer of protection against corrosion. However the electroplated layer is only a few microns thick and will eventually fade and dull if worn excessively against the skin. for longevity we recommend avoiding spraying with perfumes and long exposure to heavy perspiration.

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Blackened Steel:
Steel is a ferrite metal as it contains iron and is subject to oxidation, It's a chainmail standard in reenactments and is normally worn over a tunic. It requires a level of attention and upkeep to ensure the rings keep their blackness and avoid oxidation (rust). 

Maintaining blackened  steel is easy, simply have a dedicated towel to wipe and dry your item off, spray with a non aggressive lubricant and store it with a few gel packets in a sealed container or sealed plastic bag. These few simple steps should take no more than 10 - 15 minutes and will save your item from becoming rusted. Google "how to maintain steel chainmail" for examples on what to do.

Recommended lubricant: Ballistol 82171 H1 Food Oil, Spray. 
This spray is non aggressive but it can leave marks.

Oxidation occurs as a result of oxygen and atmospheric moisture. It is a chemical reaction of the metal surface with the oxygen that causes some of the metal to corrode (or in other terms oxidize) and form the oxidation or better known as metal oxide on the surface. If you are going to wear this against bare skin you must take steps to maintain the chainmail after use every time otherwise you will allow oxidation to occur. Sweat is highly corrosive and will cause the metal to rust if left for too long. Also avoid spraying with perfumes whenever possible. 

NuGold, also known as Jeweler's Brass, Red Brass or Merlin's Gold, is a great color match to 14K yellow gold. It is a beautiful color with a nice weight to it. NuGold is an alloy of copper and zinc and it will naturally tarnish when exposed to oxygen, like all copper based metals.

How to clean:

All Zinc components are hypoallergenic, nickel free, cadmium free and lead free. Zinc requires light spot cleaning for more information please click the link: 

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Cubic Zirconia & Crystal Stones:
Don't spray with perfumes and avoid wearing on skin that's recently used sunscreen. The chemical formula of sunscreen lotion can strip the stones of their colour, shine and metallic effect.

Cubic Zirconia

Crystal 'S'
Follow Aftercare tips:

Aluminium scales tend to oxidise around the edges as they are open. 
You can’t do much about aluminium oxidation, and unless appearance matters, it’s not a big problem. What this means is that if left the scales will get a thin layer of grey over them making them look dirty. The scales will need a soft clean on both the front and back to avoid the oxidation layer rubbing off on your clothes. - Do this with a with a very well rinsed cloth and there should be no problem. 

General Tips: